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Kat Snelson - Bikini Figure Model (Instagram @deadliftsarebae)

To this day I still accredit David for being one of my main inspirations for my training journey. I don't think he really realises how much that hour changed my life, and I genuinely believe that without that first PT session I wouldn't be anywhere near where I am today. I remember standing in that teeny free weights room watching him lift, listening to the passion in his voice when coaching me through the movements and thinking - this is the job I want to do one day. I could see how much he loved what he did, how knowledgeable he was and it made me want to LEARN.⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀
I carried on training at LA fitness for a good while, (with David correcting my form on exercises over the tannoy on more than, one occasion from what I remember) Over the past 4 years deadlifts have been the ONE consistent exercise in my life - even when I've had weeks/months off training in the past. I still always make sure I get them in. I'm very lucky to have, over the years, learnt from some very clued up knowledgeable people. Coaches like David are honestly little, (big), shining lights, in an industry muddied by half assed coaches looking to make a quick penny...

"As a sports therapist, you become very protective of your clients you spent time looking after. It's great to have an experienced trainer such as David that you can feel confident in to take your clients to the next level, helping them not only bulletproof the issue they had, but raising there performance to the next level. Highly recommend."

Ashley Rowley - Northampton Sports Therapy (@NorthamptonSportsTherpay1)

"David made me look at my training in a new light and helped me understand how I could maximise on my performance through a balanced diet and fitness routine, with his knowledge he was able to enhance my fitness to a new level. He helped me understand what and why I was doing each exercise and the benefits that it would have on my overall goal, his passion shone through in his teaching style, which in turn gave me the drive to succeed in my goals and maintain a happy, healthy lifestyle."

Grace Anderson - MMA Athlete (@GraceAndersonMMA)

"Get results with David as your personal trainer. David will push you, support you and always get the best out of you. He is a seasoned professional and long time trainer. I always look forwards to my session due to the support I receive and the results I get."

Joe Birkedale - CEO - Project 36

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